Mind Map Software – Things to Look for in a Program

The branches can be drawn in various colors and you can add images and key words.If your software has those in place you can move on to stage two of your own assessment. Here are five things Your Mind Mapping package needs to be able to do if you are going to invest in it.

Mind Map Software - Things to Look for in a Program

  1. The ability to hyperlink to documents and web pages

One of the big Benefits of working with a great Mind Map program is your ability to link to the numerous files and web pages related to your map. Using this feature is a great way to bring all the connected information in all of its different formats into a single location

  1. The creation of lower level maps

As you start using Creating Mind Maps and Your applications begin to turn into a bit unwieldy and big as they grow and grow over time. You might begin to find an area developing you might want to put on a map that is new. A feature is the capability to make a level map. This implies at the click of your mouse, a branch that is laden may turn into a map in its own right.The software should also have the ability to make links from the initial branch into the new mind map and vice versa.

  1. Show relationships

When you havegot a Zen mind map drawn on a sheet of paper, it is quite easy to draw a line from one branch to another on the opposite side of the newspaper. This means that you can show connections and associations easily and quickly in a means that lets you keep an eye on the picture. The requirement to do this stays when you move to the computer and so having the ability to do this on your software is very important.

  1. be able to add notes to a branch

Mind mapping purists will inform you that a branch may only have a single key word or picture on it and if you do not then you will endure the consequences on your afterlife. Now in the hand drawn on variety this is true when you want to get the most from the pencil and paper version but in the software world.

  1. Interfacing with Microsoft Office

Nowadays if you work in a knowledge based environment then it is tough to imagine how you are able to function without the facilities offered by Microsoft Office. Mind Mapping as a procedure dovetails really with any believing we do and then it is reasonable that it interfaces with the applications we use if we will use software.