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Guests' Comments

2016/2017 Season

"So lovely to see our friends again. Was more magical then ever!." ~ James, Julie, Joseph and Lucas (April 2017)

"Thank you both for being such wonderful hosts. Our tour has been wonderful: Tobago Cays, snorkelling, swimming... We hope to be back." ~ Matt, Harriet, Flora and Dorothy (March 2017)

"Thanks for a smashing few days sailing - good food, good company, good sailing. The swordfish, Mahi-mahi etc were really lovely. Andrew particularly enjoyed seeing how Jambalaya worked and of course the scenery was fabulous. Thanks again." ~ Andrew and Helen (March 2017)

"These past four days aboard Jambalaya have confirmed our love for the Caribbean. The whole experience has been brilliant - from tranquil evenings in Tobago Cays to high winds - this boat is the place to experience both. We feel privileged to have been Peter & Sylvie's guests. The food is exceptional and our hosts utterly welcoming. Thank you both so much." ~ Chris and Judy (March 2017)

"Thank you for providing this experience for us and our friends, it couldn't have been better. You are such gracious hosts and wonderful friends. Peace and joy to you." ~ Rory and Lisa (Feb 2017)

"We love you more than everyone else in this guest book! It was a truly PERFECT tune - Peter is a fantastic teacher and story teller. Sylvie is the kindest most generous and talented feeder of hungry mouths! We will miss you both until next time." ~ Jordan and Marianne (Feb 2017)

"Thank you so much for the most magnificent, wonderous and relaxing time on your magnificent boat. A beginning of a wonderful new friendship. Thank you for all the care in the world, the most amazing locations: Sandy Island, Tobago Cays...the delicious food made every day wow! Thank you always." ~ Marianne (Feb 2017)

"Fantastic vacation! So grateful for your hospitality, food, knowledge - all beyond all expectations. In the word of a great musical “This was a real good clambake, we had a real good time, the vittels we ate were good you bet, the company was the same”. I was a “landsman“ locked away from the great experience of the sea before I met you. You taught me about the wind and the wheel, the ropes and knots and the new friendships. I am fortunate to have been on this voyage with you. I have a bowline tied to this journey away." ~ Michael and Mary (Feb 2017)

"Thank you for a perfect week of sailing, sun, snorkeling and amazing food! The best way to spend Christmas! It will definitely be a vacation that we remember for many years. Thanks again." ~ Family Whites (Dec 2016)

"Thank you for this wonderful sailing in the Grenadines! One again, it was fantastic and we really enjoyed the stay with you. Sylvie, thank you for your brilliant cooking and Peter for BBQ, etc. Hope to see you again soon." ~ Manuela and Guillermo (Dec 2016)

"Thank you for a perfect week of sailing, sun, snorkelling and amazing food! The best way to spend Christmas!" ~ Shari (Dec 2016)

"What a great week! Thanks for all the fabulous food and adventure. It will definitely be a vacation that we remember for many years. Thanks again." ~ Courtney (Dec 2016)

"We love Peter and Sylvie!" ~ Jenna, Dylan, Katie and Melanie (Dec 2016)

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