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Guests' Comments

2012/2013 Season

"Did you ever want to escape the humdrum and experience a completely unique adventure?
Ever want to meet 2 friends devoted to the preservation of Caribbean history, heritage and culture?
Ever want to add some risk, excitement and pleasure to your life?
Ever want work to be fun?
Ever want to drink and eat all your want and not gain weight?
Ever want to go to the secret places tourists never find?
Ever want to do the things the rich and famous only dream about?
Ever want to hoist a mainsail?
Ever want to sail a classic wooden Schooner?
Ever want to sail the high seas at 11 knots?
Ever want to be rocked to sleep?
Ever want to feel the wind blow like a cloud across your sunburnt body?
Ever want to have dinner with friends and be the only ones in the restaurant to experience the delights of the finest fresh local cuisine?
Ever want to meet and share a beer with the Master shipwright of Caribbean wooden sailing Schooners?

All this and much more I promise, you will experience aboard the 73’ Schooner Jambalaya, because it just happened to me! Captain Peter and Sylvie created for my wife and me, more than a vacation. We enjoyed time encapsulating the past, present and future, revealing another reality I never dreamt of living. Many thanks to Peter and Sylvie. Hope to see you both and the Jambalaya again soon!" ~ Michael & Esther (June 2013)

"All four of us enjoyed the best sail of our lives and appreciate the 5-Star voyage you put on for us, never again will I sail on a small boat after enjoying the space on your schooner! The BBQ Dinner in the Tobago Cays was a real treat! The Indian Head massage watching the sunset on deck was to die for! You made us feel so special. Thank you so much for an experience none of us will forget." ~ Graham, Diane, David & Alison (May 2013)

"Thank you both for your kind hospitality on Jambalaya, yet again. It was great to be part of the crew during the regattas. Presents much appreciated too; we will be toasting Team Jambalaya when we open the bottle. It's all about sharing experiences, and Antigua and St Barts Regattas have been terrific experiences." ~ Lyster & Sheena (April 2013)

"A holiday for us all—adventure for the children and revelation for us in your very capable hands. The children will always remember their trip—their first sailing expedition. We look forward to coming back soon. With grateful thanks" ~ Jeremy & Jackie (February 2013)

"Our trip on Jambalaya was unique, surpassed all my expectations. Great combinations of history, work, learning and pleasure. Never met too nicer and more knowledgeable friends. Many many thanks." ~ Michael (February 2013)

"Had a wonderful time! You two are the best! It is evident in everything you do to make your guests happy! Hope we will get to see you again! Will miss you!" ~ Esther (February 2013)

"We are already missing our fruit and coffee in the morning along with ALL the other fantastic foods. We truly had a wonderful time with the two of you. In addition to the fun sailing, great locations and relaxation, we really enjoyed the nights talking to you before heading off to bed. You and Sylvie were so much fun both Carol and I really had a blast. I feel like we started vacation with two strangers and left with two new friends." ~ Richard & Carol (January 2013)

"Fabulous, even better than our first trip on Jambalaya last year. Once onboard, forget your misery, disengage your brain, smell the salt air, feel the movement of the boat. Peter, the Master of sail management, Sylvie, the Master of the kitchen and New Years acrobatics! What a terrific combo! Looking forward already for our return in 2014!" ~ Paul and Ruthie (January 2013)

"We have had a fabulous trip on Jambalaya in the Grenadines. Sun, Sea and Sylvie's cooking! What a wonderful chef, a fabulous food experience every day! Peter, our captain gave us a steady hand and knowledge along with wind, rain and lots of laughter!" ~ Linden and Evelyn (December 2012)

"Thank you so much Peter and Sylvie for your wonderful experience on board Jambalaya, sailing the Grenadines. The week has been amazing and your hospitality superb. Peter your captainancy was excellent and calmness exemplary. Sylvie, your food was the best ever. Thank you for sharing the Caribbean community with us. A trip we will never forget!" ~ Mike and Margaret (December 2012)

"Thank you very much for this nice trip in the Grenadines! We enjoyed it so much on your beautiful Jambalaya. We loved the sailing, the snorkeling, Lobster in Tobago Cays and the delicious food you served was fantastic!" ~ Rolf and Claudia (December 2012)

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Enjoy the very special experience of being under full sail on our traditional wooden schooner and journey back in time to sailing as it was!