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Activities for your Caribbean Sailing Vacation

It is easy to think that the Caribbean is just about idyllic beaches, clear blue water, and sunshine. It is, of course, but it offers so much more! When you charter Jambalaya, our traditional schooner, for your Caribbean sailing vacation there are many activities you can enjoy.

You may choose to relax in one of Jambalaya's hammocks as we cruise the Tobago Cays, or get your hiking boots on to discover the mountains and forests on one of the 100 small islands that make up the Grenadines, such as Bequia. Whatever your hobby or interest, be sure to mention it when discussing your sailing itinerary.

"Thank you, thank you, thank you for the most wonderful time. I loved the water, the hammock, the sailing, the blue skies, the stars but most of all your amazing hospitality."

Life On Board

Spend your time with friends and family onboard, anchoring at deserted islands, do some fishing while you sail, practice your photography, or paint the stunning seascapes that surround you. Guests are encouraged to take the helm and generally help with the sailing, and Captain Peter is always happy to give sailing lessons.

Snorkel & Scuba

Coral reefs rich with sealife can be found all around the Grenadine islands; Tobago Cays alone has 4km of horseshoe reef ready for you to explore. Swim with green turtles and spotted eagle rays in clear, warm waters. If you would like to scuba dive during your charter Peter and Sylvie will be delighted to organise diving trips for you.

Hiking & Biking

Hike through Grenada's Etang National Park up to Mount Qua Qua—meet the Mona monkeys on the way and see tropical flowers in their natural setting. Trek to the top of La Soufrière volcano, St Vincent, or tackle The Pitons in St Lucia. Horseriding and bike rental is also available on some islands.

After Sunset

In the evening, you can relax onboard or take the dinghy ashore and listen to local music in one of the beach bars. We have a collection of books, a variety of board games, and music (iPod Classic system) onboard Jambalaya. Or just look up and do a spot of star gazing.

"A holiday for us all—adventure for the children and revelation for us in your very capable hands. The children will always remember their trip—their first sailing expedition."

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Enjoy the very special experience of being under full sail on our traditional wooden schooner and journey back in time to sailing as it was!